Sunday, October 28, 2012

Howl O' Weeeeeeeen!

It's Marty's favorite time of year again!  And Marty's favorite event, the Howlo'ween Parade.  This year Marty stole Moo's Moocula costume went around terrorizing all the wee little pups by jumping on them and trying to suck their blood.

Everybunny was there!

Yep, even the Colonel was there, with some chicken.

Captain Sniffmerica

Marty no!  We don't smash the pumpkin before it falls

Marty is so jealous of this dog house

Moocula!  More feared than Bunnicula

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Marty has been to Disneyland many many many times before, but this time was one of his favorites.  He got to spend the day with his BFF Nikki and eat churros and ice cream and wait in long lines.  His favorite part is waiting in the long lines.  Marty even went over to venture around California Adventure, he hadn't been there since they built it.  Since Disneyland no longer has soft serve swirl ice cream, he was ecstatic when he found it at California Adventure. And he was even more ecstatic when he found a pair of Mickey Mouse ears just his size!  Marty was so tired after Disneyland he slept all day the next day.

Not Mickey ears

All ready to go!

Giddy Up!

 Marty spun the tea cup so fast everyone almost puked


Marty's future is so bright he's gotta wear shades.  At night and inside.

Pink Flamingos!  No it's not a John Waters film, it's just a mad tea party.