Monday, February 27, 2012

Tax Time!!!

Marty finally got a chance to set aside some time to do his taxes. It took him all day, but he got it done and Marty is looking forward to his refund of the big wopping $98! Marty is thinking of what he will be buying with it......perhaps $98 worth of catnip and sardines.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sewing Time!!!

A few years ago Marty got his Grandmama's sewing machine, after she had lived out her nine lives. Marty's Grandmama taught him to sew when he was a kitten, and when Marty got the sewing machine he hit up his local Jo-Ann's and stocked up on fabric for projects. That was quite a few years ago, and Marty finally found some time to tackle a project. But first he had to get the sewing machine in pristine working order.

Marty was hoping he could just turn on the machine and go, but no.

First, a little dusting.

Checking underside of the machine. Yep it's dusty.

Real dusty. Marty needed a little help.

Some parts needed a little oiling. Marty could do that part all by himself.
Good thing he was wearing a mask too or else he would have got splash back in his eyes.

Alright it works! Go bobbin go!

Well now, here's a conundrum, how does the thread go here?

Time for more help.

Hooray! The puzzle was solved, now time to make something fancy.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Party time!

Wow! Marty sure has been a social butterfly lately, going to party after party after party. His new do from Soggy Dog was a success! Marty has been coming in late and has been so tired that he neglected his blogging duties, but now that party season is over, for now, he was able to find some time to update. Marty's favorite party was the puppy's 1st birthday party. It was good to see them all together again.

Betsy! (formally Mopsy)

Leo! (formally Harold)

Excited for cake

Someone say, "cake"!?
mmmmmm cake